How to search for information from submitted forms?

To visualize in your browser the information collected using the app, you have to click on the Resume tab. 

You can use the filters shown on the image bellow to find the information you are looking for.

  • Search Answer Value: Search for information collected on any past submitted form. (Buscar cualquier resultado que haya sido respondido en un formulario. (ex: Client ABC, #32424, SKU123...)
  • Search Question Name: Search for information from all submitted forms containing a specific question name. (ex: Client name, Product code, SKU...)
  • Select Location: Filter by the location where the forms were filled. You can do this adding a list of clients. (more info about lists).
  • Select User: Filter by the user who filled in the form.
  • Select Form: Filter by form name.
  • Date: Filter by date range (max. range 365 days).
  • Select State: Filter by state of the forms.


How to export the submitted data?

To export the results obtained with the filters, just click on the Export button and complete the required fields:


Email address where you want to receive the Excel file.

Export Format

There are different ways to export the collected data

  • Group by forms: Each row is a different submitted form and the columns will show all the respective answers.
  • Group by questions: Each row is a question of a selected form.
  • Group by subforms: Each row of the excel sheet is an answer on the sub-form. In case of having multiple sub-forms, the export will be separated into different sheets
  • PDF Documents: Export the data to a PDF file. 

Select Form

Form name that you want to export.
Once you filled in the required fields, you will receive an email with the desired information in minutes.




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